Simple Voice Control

You say it, we play it

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Simple voice control commands

"Streamz play my favorite playlist"

"Streamz play Spotify"

"Streamz Volume up"

Android and iOS App

With the Streamz App you can

  • Browse Cover Art, Genre, Artist, Album
  • Transfer music to the Streamz Headset
  • Personalize your quality with 10 band EQ
  • Setup multiple Wifi hotspots

The included Streamz App may optionally be used to browse and play music that's stored on Streamz or streamed from your phone. You can even play music on your Streamz from a DLNA storage device on your network.

The Streamz App also allows you to setup and store the headphones IP address for different hotspots plus setup your Pandora® and other online streaming service passwords.

10 Band Equalizer

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Adjust your audio preferences.

Streamz world’s first on-headset 10 band Quality Equalizer ("EQ") allows you to personalize the low bass range, mid-range and high range of your Streamz music..

Auto-sync Your Music

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Relax we'll take care of everything.

All of your music from your desktop and mobile devices gets
auto-synced to your Streamz headphones.

Google Sync

All In One Music-Player Headphones

It's an inside job

Streamz has everything built inside

  • Voxxi Voice Control
  • HD Quality Music Player
  • Pandora®, Spotify® plus endless Apps
  • Add-in 128GB SD Card Storage

Worlds First Features

  • VOXXITM Voice Control Sight & hands-free voice control makes music simple & safe.
  • Play HD and SD Music Play FLAC, WAV, OGG and Apple AIFF HD quality music plus MP3, AAC, M4A and other SD quality music.
  • Stream Online Music Services Stream Pandora®, Spotify® & others.
  • Play Pure Uncompressed Wi-Fi Music Unlike Bluetooth, Streamz delivers uncompressed quality music.
  • Obsolescent Proof Software Streamz never gets old with its Android App software updates.
  • Smartphone Player App iOS/Android App plays headset music & streams phone music.
  • Auto-Sync Music Instantly Auto-transfers your music from Google Drive, Phone, PC or Mac.

The New Way to Play

Voice • Wifi • HD Quality

Easy to Use

Hassle free voice control

Goodbye Wires

No bulky phone required

Superb Audio

Onboard HD DAC & amp

Relieve Your Blue Tooth Ache


Feature Rich

Streamz includes all of these unique, valuable features at a Bluetooth-Only price.

With Streamz Wi-Fi, there’s no more Bluetooth pairing hassles or degraded Bluetooth quality. Just pure, simple, sound.

Play Anytime, Anywhere. We Play It All

  • Home • Mobile • Sports MusicStreamz all in-in-one design is less bulky, hassle free and voice-controlled! Perfect for activities like jogging, biking, traveling (planes, trains & cars) or just hanging out.
  • Multi-Audio HomeWirelessly listen to all of your home music and media with one pair of headphones. Select home audio sources including online music or TV, movie and gaming audio.
  • Wireless Audiophile MusicOnly Streamz allows you to listen to audiophile, HD quality music without being tethered by a wired HD player, amp or DAC.
  • Safe Vehicular Entertainment Streamz makes riding a bike or motorcycle, or driving a car safer with its sight/hands free voice control.
  • Busy Mobile Executive Music Streamz unique "Auto-Synch" feature simplifies music for busy, mobile executives by auto-transferring all of your Phone/PC/Mac music to your Streamz headphones.
  • Home or Office HD Stereo SystemConvert Streamz into a complete home or office HD quality stereo system by attaching amplified speakers.
  • Smartphone Bluetooth Music With Streamz Bluetooth 4.0 aptX® you can also listen to any music from your smartphone over Bluetooth. It auto connects so there’s no buttons to push.

Enjoy HD Quality Music

Listen to music the way it was meant to be heard

Only Streamz has a built-in 96kHz/16 bit DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) and HD Music Player that allows you to play HD quality music. Audiophiles can now wirelessly play their HD quality FLAC, WAV, AIFF and other HD quality music.