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10 Best Ways to take your music with you!

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10 Best: Ways to take your music with you

by Simon Hill, | Published on August 18, 2014

We've got the streaming music services, and the headphones and speakers you need to keep that music pumping.

  1. Pandora. This app serves up a treasure trove of music based on your tastes.
  2. Streamz Smart Headphones. Play tunes from the onboard storage or stream from various sources.
  3. Spotify. More than 20 million songs, direct to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  4. Koss Striva Tap. These in-ear Wi-Fi headphones are stylish, but seriously expensive at $500.
  5. LG Tone HBS-700. Featuring a cool design, this stereo Bluetooth headset sounds great.
  6. iTunes Radio. Free streaming radio that learns what you love.
  7. Music on Google Play. Upload your collection to the cloud and stream it anywhere.
  8. JBL Voyager. Detach the Bluetooth speaker from the subwoofer base and take it with you.
  9. Deezer. More than 30 million tracks and syncing support for offline listening.
  10. Jawbone Mini Jambox. A powerful, colorful Bluetooth speaker that's pocket-sized.